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Acoustic instruments backed by electronic beats unite with powerful vocals
and what evolves is magic when an upright-bass player (Arnaud Francelet)
and soulful vocalist (Trix Maeder) collide. The sound of bloom in stereo is
a refined yet energetic mixture of different moods, underlined by catchy
melodies, which linger and haunt your mind.

Arnaud and Trix met in 2002, when she recorded some songs at Arnaud’s
recording studio in Switzerland. Ever since that fateful day, they have been
playing and singing in the same band, as well as, composing and writing
songs together. By 2008, after the name and formation of their band had
changed several times, Arnaud and Trix finally decided to continue and
realize their musical vision as a duo, following archetypes reminiscent of
Everything but the Girl and The Eurhythmics.

The outcome of this new concept has enriched the quality and inspiration
of their songs in a number of ways. First, by the cultural exposure and
inspiration followed by positive local feedback during their production
and recording in pulsing cities like New York City and Bangkok. And finally,
bloom in stereo’s songs also benefits from the collaboration with international
musicians all over Europe and the World in sundry tasks from guest studio
musicians, live performance with international players on stage to flesh out
the instrumental part of the compositions, and in production as well.

For post-production, the duo has been getting international producers and
sound ingeneers on board. Among them are Guillaume Macherel,
Geoffrey Gurd and Dave Drape. They are of invaluable support during
the final arrangements and the mixing of the songs.

The first official album authentic was released in March 2011 by the label
damp-music. The second album is already in the middle of production.
The new songs will be even more energetic and electronic, so that they
will certainly animate the audience of any dance club.

During live concerts, the duo convinces audiences to be deeply moved
with a passionate vocal and stellar instrumental performance, all with
an independent, innovative style of music. Backed up live by a rotating
host of impressive musicians and recently by a DJ, who takes care of
the electronic elements, bloom in stereo’s talents, experience and
professionalism on the World stage ensures a perfected live acoustic
experience, which only extends to their songs, lifting them to a higher level.


Agency: Panagency

Email: beat@panagency.ch

The artist

Nationality: Swiss

Resident in: Morat