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“Watch out, for new cosmic reggaemen have landed in Europe!”

It took 17 years and more than 600 concerts to the Moonraisers to eventually become famous all over Europe. An ineluctable destiny that many had long time ago foreseen! This Swiss band, which seems to come from outer space, mixes funk, rock and electro influences to come up with a fresh and unique musical blend: “Moonstyle reggae”. And with their dazzling sound cocktail, the Moonraisers on stage are always sending the audience an outburst of energetic vibes!

Get the ethno – groove! This four experienced musicians will touch the heart of each auditor with their African – latino rythms. With a huge part of percussion and didgeridoo the sounds are leading us in colourful musical jungles, taking us on a journey throughout our roots and maybe we’ll hear the cry of some lions, the galloping gazelles or wonderful waterfalls. And suddenly sounds are getting colourful, creating a picture faraway of phantasy…