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It’s Your Time

It’s Your Time

Label: Damp Music

Release date: 24.2.2017

Catalog number: DM-061

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It's Your Time

Following a momentous 2016 which saw the release of their second album ‘No Joking in the Laboratory’ and the radio success of their summer single ‘Baby Be Mine’, Booost are back in 2017 with a new track that is so hot, it is guaranteed to warm your heart and fire up your ear drums with its irresistible flow. Fresh from the studio, the Booost crew led by frontman Reggie Saunders bring you their new musical concoction: ‘It’s Your Time’. Blending Booost’s unique mix of reggae, soul and pop with a lyrical hymn to unity, awareness, and love in these divided times, ‘It’s Your Time’ is here to rock the winter cold and bring that hot groove straight to your speakers!