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Panic In Babylon

Panic In Babylon

Label: Damp Music

Release date: 27.09.2004

Catalog number: DM-012

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After more than a 150 (!) releases as producer and/or artist, the creator of Reggae and Dub returns with this new album called Panic In Babylon. It can be described as a collection of spontaneous poetry in which some of the texts, made up of rough, direct, almost prophetic words, clash together with other lighter texts, for example a remake of the famous Inspector Gadget. All of it realized with lucidity, realism and a sense of humour that will seduce long-time fans as well as anyone who wishes to discover a sincere and committed artist, whose genius knows no limits. Composed by DJ Startrek and his combo The White Belly Rats (Dj Startrek on bass, Lax Delux on guitar and Senator Spahni on drums), produced by P. Brunkow and masterized at Sterling Sound, Panic in Babylon is, according to the few lucky ones who have already had a chance to taste it, the essence of the New Dub of the third millenium !!! To top it all, the solo on the title Panic in babylon by the great Rico Rodriguez, the undisputed trombone master of Reggae.

So, what are you waiting for ?